Follicle RX is a natural hair care solution to keep growth cycle in follicles, prevent from hair loss and compete with daily life environmental conditions. Mainly hair on the scalp gets deeply affected by our way of caring as for many of us hair is a way of showing your style and Healthy hair keeps you look beautiful and slowly becomes a part of your personality. Today the method of opting proper health care has varied on the basis of results, quality, and fast acting formulas. In the race to look young & beautiful people often take cosmetic solutions, anti aging formulas and skin lifting agents but do we really care about our beautiful hair?


For most of us to maintain Healthy hair levels, length and texture means using enough conditioners, shampoo and oil to provide vital nutrients. That’s not only what our hair wants first of all these cosmetic products and the lacking of vital nutrients could easily shorten the growth cycle of follicles & hair. So it’s very important to consider a natural hair formula with right nutrition and vital nourishments to keep hair healthy, stronger and reduce problems. Follicle RX has been made to support growth cycle in follicles with active Ingredients to fulfil scalp nutrition on the first place. Hair problems are now a bigger issue for both men & women. People start losing the growth, strength and power from follicles roots. So it’s very important to analyze the common problems to come with a solution for all men:

  1. Hair Loss is a common problem in both men & women specially known as Alopecia in medical terms. Normally Dermatologists simply seek signs of hair loss in both men & women to diagnose the genetic disorders or natural aging effects on the scalp. This is a common protein deficiency that affects hair building blocks known as “Keratin” found in the follicles.
  2. Gray Hair- This is a common condition that most of the older people face when they start getting older. The reason why our hair start turning grey is because of disruption in melanin proteins.
  3. Damaged Hair- One of the common problems with hair styling is the damages that cause our hair to lose its strength, power and even smoothness. Procedures like blow drying, straightening, highlighting and purming regularly can wreck or cause intense damage to hair roots.
  4. Greasy Hair is the result of over producing of sebum a natural oil produced by Sebaceous glands to keep hair lubricated. When these glands work overtime to produce oil they end up releasing greasy oil on the scalp.

These are the common problems faced by most of the people and after the 30s maintaining natural Health on the scalp becomes a challenge because the available solutions aren’t good enough to project hair from external or internal problems. And when many of us find difficult to take baldness they simply run for surgical treatments, hair transplants which are not surely safe nor permanent solutions. Follicle RX is your way to get Healthy & strong hair in men without any side effects. So let’s examine this product and find what it has to offer?

Follicle RX Results

What is Follicle RX Hair Growth Formula?

Follicle RX is a hair support formula that targets vital reasons of hair loss and simply put your hair under best management to keep it Healthy in a natural way. Today we all are seeking better options to comfort our living in an easier way as possible. And for Health profits we are getting dependent upon body supplementation, hair care, and other formulas. But with enormous choices clicking up a right product would take time. So that’s why I am here to help you with this product to let you understand everything about this hair support formula. The first thing is that it promises to treat listed below hair problems with natural ingredients:

  1. Involutional Alopecia– is a natural condition in which hair starts thinning around on the scalp with growing age. More hair follicles go into resting phase.
  2. Androgenic Alopecia– Is a common genetic condition that can affect both men & women. Men with this condition face male pattern baldness and result in hair loss on crown & frontal scalp areas. It can affect teens as well as old ages. The signs are really important as receding hair lines is one of them.
  3. Alopecia Areata– is a sudden problem often hits children & teens. It causes patchy hair loss & continues with total baldness. But this is not a permanent results.
  4.  Telogen EffluviumРIs a temporary hair thinning & baldness on the scalp. Due to differences in the growth cycle, most of the hair goes for resting phase. After few weeks it starts coming out to start a new cycle.
  5. Scarring Alopecia– is a worst of them all as it destroys the ability to repair or regenerate broken hair from the follicles. It’s mainly caused by skin conditions( cellulitis, lupus).

This is a brilliant hair support formula that treats a number of hair problems.¬† it’s very important to know the vital ingredients or preparing method to clear many doubts. This formula is prepared and examined in FDA labs so the ingredients allowed in this product are clinically tested & certified. It simply consists vital compounds, biotin, Minoxidil, multi vitamin to assure better growth cycle in follicles for Healthy, stronger hair. Right, so all things clear out it treats the list of problems and even supports every scalp. This product is prepared to be taken in oral intake. So it’s available in the form of dietary pills. The method of taking these pills is very simple just need to take only 2 pills a day and the monthly stack comes with 60 pills.

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Follicle RX Natural Results

Prior describing anything about the product’s result it’s imperative to know that all included elements are simply natural, herbal extracted and filled with pure hair growth formulas. The functioning of this supplementation allows the rest of the truth about hair growth cycle. And the best thing is it’s free from any added fillers of raw proteins. So this product has a variety of benefits depending upon the existing condition of your scalp hair & follicles. But here are some common results which you might notice within 2 weeks:

  1. Hair grows stronger, Healthy & smooth
  2. Nourishes the follicle roots
  3. Manages external & internal caring
  4. Promotes DHT (Dehydrotestosterone) inhibitors to stop hair loss
  5. Treats several hair conditions

How does it work?

Follicle RX Hair Health Support is not an ordinary growth formula because of its multiple functioning on external and internal caring which not only separate it naturally. But the combination of multi vitamins helps to boost natural growth cycle in follicles. So let’s start with the available causes of common hair problems. This hair support formula primarily activates repairing agents on the scalp to repair damaged & split ends. Then it targets the very reasons of hair loss:

  1. Male Pattern Baldness
  2. Hypothyroidism
  3. DHT (Dehydrotestosterone)
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Hypopituitarism

Now treating such conditions will take more than just herbal compounds or vitamins. That’s why it has folic acid, DHT inhibitors and Minoxidil the very first active elements in hair growth cycle. Now it’s time to induce the levels of growth in follicles. In order to do so it needs to active natural growth cycle within hair follicles. So the natural hair growth takes place in the root of follicles. The root helps to keep the hair cycle gets going at large number. Roots are made up of proteins cells. The blood vessels provide necessary nutrients & proteins to the roots which create hair proteins (Keratin). As the growth starts the hair gets pushed up through the skin with oil glands necessary to smooth roots in the scalp.

Follicle RX Legitimate Ingredients

In any hair care formula it’s very important to seek for natural ingredients because the adultery mix up and inflammatory particles would make even worse results. So here is the essential part of this product. The ingredients include basic elements to give strength, proteins, and nourishments to hair follicles. All these vital elements contribute in follicles cycle affected by growth factor, age , genes and stress. So it’s important to manage these internal counts to influence natural growth cycle. This life cycle of hair can be wisely divided into three categories:

  1. Anagen- Hair Growth that lasts from two to six years.
  2. Catagen- A process of transition hair growth lasts for two to three weeks.
  3. Telogen- Is the resting phase that could take months, years or even life. It probably happens due to DHT functioning affecting follicles root.

To make sure that these hair growth cycles go completely well the introduced ingredients work on different levels to keep the Health of hair naturally without even a side effects. So it’s the best-known hair growth formula till now.

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